Makan Time!

When translated from Malay, that means “Eating Time!” We heart our food, especially when they are hearty and healthy – best if both of that is possible to exist together=)

Since arriving, loads of pics have been taken chronicling the food found. To my surprise, there’s actually loads of Asian stuff! Perhaps it’s my sister’s influence, what with her knowing where best to get good Asian grub when we arrived at Sydney and met up with her. So, a little late I know, thei week’s layout for Pink Sketches, Yummy!

Yummy Small

Played with glimmer mists to get all the shadows on the numbers. Happy to have so many pics squeezed on this one!

Speaking about food, one of the things I miss most is


 which is somehow really difficult to find! The only time I have seen it is at two particular Asian grocer shops, who perhaps know how much we fancy that stuff back home… So, my little treat for myself occasionally: A wonderful taste of gas and sugar – A&W rootbeer… Mind you they are rather pricey here too, even if I can find them=( Well, good way of not consuming too much of these I guess. =)


3 thoughts on “Makan Time!

  1. hui mei says:

    Yummy! I see that you caught the takepicturesbeforeyoumakan bug! hehe. great to see you enjoying yourself so much! if all goes well, you’ll see me there next year! 🙂

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