Stop! And Live…

One of the things I’ve been learning to do is to take things a little slower, to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me and to just relax. Often, coming from a ountry where we rush from one task to another, even working in our dreams, it has been a privilege to slow down and take a break. Here Down Under, God’s handiwork surrounds us everywhere and I’m constantly awed by how creative and detail minded He is…

When doing this week’s page for Pink Sketches, it was a reminder for myself never to rush and miss out on living, living life to its fullest by being present in the moment. Instead of regretting or missing the past, wishing for the future, it certainly means more when we are able to embrace what we have, here, right now… To live.

Live Small


Those pics were taken in our first few days here, in the midst of our scamble to be on time for various appointments to view potential places to rent. In the flurry of activities, the beauty of the trees and the wonderful shadows that were cast caught our attention. Hence, my humble attempt at creating to capture His creations.  How about creating something to remind yourself about what life is truly all about?=)


One thought on “Stop! And Live…

  1. hui mei says:

    awww! sophie! amen! i agree to what you shared. i love this layout too. love the pictures. i like the colours! 🙂 we miss you sophie! 🙂

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