14… 219… 48… Complete!

That is, 14 cartons, 219 sheets of packing paper and 48 hours later, we’re finally all settled in. Phew!



It was a sight to witness this gigantic truck pull into our driveway and ride up our lawn, only to end up parking right outside our door. It’s so big that one can live in there!!! We’re just grateful to the Lord that everything arrived safely and we can finally say that we’ve settled in. We spent the last to days sorting out our stuff, coming up with a system so that we know where things will be and the likes… Thankful too that all my toys are now with me and I can create at will with the supplies I need.=)

Moving is not a joke, but what we do appreciate about it is the opportunity to simplify life. We learnt through this experience that really, how much stuff does one need in life to survive? Not that we have accumulated much in our humble abode back home, but the fact that even without, we still had quite a bit. As my nephew proclaimed in shock when we told him that we took over 2 weeks to properly pack our home before moving, “Huh??? But there’s nothing much in your house!!!” Haha, it’s all there, the little bits ans pieces that all add up… Thus, simplify is the way to go for us, owning only when there is a need, and not buy on impulse… So when it’s time to move again, hopefully the numbers will not be 14, 219, 48…=) Nonetheless, it was all good exercise!


One thought on “14… 219… 48… Complete!

  1. Kate says:

    woah!! that IS a lot! haha… i reckon i’ll just have 1 BIG box with all my toys.. *chuckles*

    glad that everything’s working out for the both of you. take care!! *huggies*

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