When the Engine Starts…

One of those things which I have on my to do list is of course, to be more regular in my posts… While loads have been happening in my life, my blog posts have mostly existed in my mind, hoping that somehow, somewhere, there’s some technology that will transmit my thoughts to posts… Before that actually becomes a reality, the only other solution will be for me to write diligently and keep posting my pics….

With more time on my hands now that I’m Down Under, I’ve been on a roll where creating is concerned! That makes me happy! Being in a place where Kaisercraft is produced, one of the first pages scrapped pays ode to there latest range, which I find to be really gorgeous – Royal Dutchess.

Loved Small 

While I don’t usually enjoy pink, this was a good exercise to get the engines going… While scrapping, I really miss all my toys, which have not arrived – yet…. The shipping company promised to have them delivered today, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed, praying that it will happen and then, I’ll be one happy gal=)

With the remaining amount of paper and some stuff bought at the Craft and Quilt Fair held at Canberra (I had loads of fun!!! Tonnes of inspiration everywhere and some great buys!), here is the layout for Pink Sketches this week, chronicling our battle with the cold…our very First Winter.

First Winter Small 

I love the effect glimmer mist gave to the page, helping to reinforce the idea of the season. Talking about the cold, just the other day, while the Beloved and I were in the car driving and it was pouring, we saw white splotches on the windscreen. What I thought initially as dirty water turns out to be Hail! Wow! Though many have told us that this is perhaps the warmest winter Canberra has experienced (we’re still feeling cold nonetheless), I’ve been hoping for some snow…So hail was the coldest thus far that we have seen – water that have become crushed ice-like in nature, falling. Of course, coming from a sunny island, I knew none of these info, till the Beloved found out in the papers the next day that thankfully, it was not a heavy hale fall, otherwise, our windscreen might have cracked. Interesting to read how school children actually made iceballs to throw at each other when they saw the hail=) My response – I don’t have a picture!!!!

On a seperate note, have I ever told you about Scrap n’ Art? This delightful online scrapbooking magazine is chokeful of great ideas! I’m grateful that they found my creations worthy of their publication. Here’s one that was pubbed in their March/April 2009 issue, one of the Beloved’s personal favourites, “In Our Elements”:

In Our Elements Small  

This was created, with the idea of including as much green as possible in a layout. So here, our difference in personality is captured, thanks to our wedding photographer who caught this candid moment where we were just ourselves, as we enjoyed our wedding dinner.

Well, need to run now, before the shipment comes in and hopefully, by then, my stuff will all be in place and not only will the engine have started, by the car will be crusing along…. Tah for now!


2 thoughts on “When the Engine Starts…

  1. Kate says:

    glad to see you posting again..

    oh, can i have your private email address? moving to brisbane in a month and have a bunch of qns – if you don’t mind that is…



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