Pop Up!

Do you love pop up books? I do! One of the best treats in Australia is the beautiful books around for kids… While at the local mall the other day, right in the bargain bin, I stumbled upon this lovely pop up book about bugs, which captured my imagination. The Beloved must have been wondering what in the world has happened to me, hanging out in the children’s section forever! Because of my renewed fascination with pop ups, this was what I did with the kit sold at a LSS. The before and after:

July Kit


And this card, which took me an entire day, but the result was all worth it…


Out for Publication 50


And when opened…

Out for Publication 50


It was good to see The Beloved awed by how I had spent my time at home when he returned… More of such cards to come!

Also, if you have noticed in my sidebar, there’s a new badge there, one which I really like for all it’s beautiful colors…Candy Shoppe Designs! How cute is that name? Can’t wait for them to be launched come 1 September! Do check out here! They’re doing a giveaway!


4 thoughts on “Pop Up!

  1. ellen s says:

    oh that is a work of art! love it.

    i saw your layout over at the Pink Sketches site with the Core’dinations Cardstock. Do you think we could put it on the Core’dinations blog? Let me know! thanks

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