Yes, I’m still alive and kicking=) Finally, I’m able to post, after being in Canberra for two weeks… Our internet connection is finally up and I can surf to my heart’s content! We’ve had a deja vu experience, setting up home for the second time, only this time round, we made loads of trips to Salvos! It’s great to know that recycling is such a huge part of an Aussie lifestyle! Loved the fact that we got to pick up interesting furniture pieces, all at a very reasonable rate. The best part of it – “they all have a story to tell”, as in the words of the Beloved. Pics will have to wait, as I slowly start my gears again… In the meantime, all that’s lacking is a comfy couch, which will complete the hall for us.

On the creative front, it’s been a “girl let loose in a candyshop” experience for the last few days, as I saw numerous beautiful fabric and cloth being sold here! Indulged in a couple of 1/2 metres, and they’ll soon be used=)

I must get back to creating and yes, soon te pics will be here! Till then…!


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