In Transition

This blog is certainly being neglected during this busy season of moving… After returning home last week, the Beloved and I have been busy each day, settling tonnes of stuff as we make the big shift down under… to date, we’re almost there with our packing and come Wednesday, we’ll be heading to the land of roos and koalas… We’ll certainly miss our loved ones and friends who have been such a blessing…
On the creative front, little has been achieved, though I did manage to do this for Pink Sketches while visiting the Beloved’s family in Malaysia.

Go Small


I like this shot which was taken moments before we boarded the plane…. These days, being at the airport remind of us leaving Singapore soon… In fact, this will be one of the last few, if not the last, post from my homeland… While I have enjoyed growing up here and will certainly miss loads of people and stuff here, the Beloved and I are also looking forward to the plans the good Lord has in store for us in Canberra…


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