Goodbye… Hello…

So it’s officially over… today marked my last day at school… A poignant day, filled with tears, photos and hugs… I’ve spent the last three years here, driven with the sole desire of inspiring the lives of youths through my teaching…

I’ve not been posting over the last couple of weeks, as life increased its speed triplefold… What with exams, then the marking, followed by an entire series of goodbyes to do… Hencefold, the Beloved and I will be heading up North again, this time to spend much needed quality time with his family, before we finally head towards Australia… These days I’ve been rather emotional, coz as I pack, I uncover numerous memorabillia that floods me with a wealth of emotion… Truly the past is not made up of days, but of moments. Moments that are etched so finely in us that somehow, when we look back, we cannot but wonder how we have grown as a result of all these past experiences… Pardon the melancholy, but it’s not easy having to put aside the tonnes of colleagues, who have become friends, supervisors who are parent figures at work for me…. I’m thankful to the Lord who have brought into my life this bunch of wonderful people, whom I will not have met, shuold I have been posted to another school some three years back…

On a seperate note, here are some of my creations from the past few weeks that I’ve totally failed to write about her any earlier…

Philo's Gals 25


A little something for the Beloved’s eldest auntie, a really sweet lady who truly love the both of us… Those are her darling grandchildren whom we love to play with whenever we visit them.

Clipboard 25

A clipboard altared as a gift for one eof my supervisors at work, with all the embellies that scream “TEACHER!”

Finally, a layout, one that I enjoyed creating, as it did not take that long, yet somehow, it’s one of those moments when everything just feels like they belong together. More importantly, I got to try a new technique for this one, where I stamped using chalk for the edges, to produce that aged look…

This Way 25 

Do pardon me, as I really do think that the number of post this June will be limited, as we attempt to pack our lives here into our suitcases and say hello to Downunder…


3 thoughts on “Goodbye… Hello…

  1. yitian says:

    hey gal, am going to miss you but have fun as you start a new chapter of your life! keep in touch via email k? take care:)

    God Bless,

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