I Do…

A little while ago, I mentioned in one of my posts that the Beloved and I

are anticipating the next chapter of our life to unfold…

I do know that there will be loads to adjust to,

to explore,

to learn,

to know.

I’m excited as we start getting ready to pack,

as we move to Canberra, Australia,

come July…

The Beloved is going to study his Phd,

and I’m following…

When at the altar, we said “I do”,

We knew that come what may,

Our lives will be full of excitement and uncertainty,

as we heed the Lord’s guidance 

and go where he may lead…

So, here’s a reminder for myself, that when I said “I do”,

I will love, serve, honour and pray for you always…

I Do 25


So, with much anticipation,

we are in the midst of loads of packing,

saying goodbyes

and completing our work…

With all that to do, creating remians very important in my life, as it energises me. In this layout for Pink Sketches, I enjoyed playing with the Prima papers which are really not very me. What gave me a sense of satisfaction was incorporating the microbeads into the layout – in the title:

 I Do Close Web


Do keep us in your prayer, as we continue to close this chapter of our lives in Singapore, and learn how best to prepare for the next chapter… Thanks!


3 thoughts on “I Do…

  1. merideth says:

    i followed your link here from the pink sketches blog. your journaling – your obvious faith in Christ – attracted me right away. now, as i have read a couple entries in your blog, i know i will keep coming back. singapore? australia? very interesting to this kansas girl! 🙂

  2. Sophia S says:

    This is such a precious layout! I love how everything comes together and your heart in your journalling is oh so precious! I love how you and your DH have such great faith! May the Lord give much strength and grace and favour when you move over!

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