The Great Scrapbooking Adventure


Coincidentally, this week’s layout for Pink Sketches is about how I stumbled upon scrapbooking… When selecting my pics, I forgot that the weekend that just past was scrapbooking day! So here’s “In the Beginning”. When doing my Masters course, one of the modules I took was archaeology, in order to better understand Singapore’s past. Because of that module, we got to go to a lab on Fort Canning, a hill in Singapore (really rather mini), where artefacts found were housed. On that fateful day, 8 October 2004 (after checking my records, relised I wrote the wrong date on my layout…opps), the Beloved, back the Boyfriend, and I had just eaten our dinner and were walking around when right before my eyes, I saw papers in a wide array of colors. For me, that’s an immediate magnet!

I’ve never looked back since, when I purchased my first eyelet tool. I still kee pthat original receipt and must scrap that someday. I;ve always found it to be rather coincidental that in one day, when attempting to dicover the nation’s past, I also learnt to preserve my own past, through using archival quality materials. So that’s the pic in the layout – my loot from the archaeological class that day, where I sort all the artefacts according to type and colors. The archaeologists at the lab later told us that that’s perhaps the prettiest bag of artefacts laid out after being washed! From artefacts, my collection today of course revolves round colors and matter of a totally different nature – inks, stamps, papers and the likes. How fun! I’m glad I went to class that evening…

While creating this page, it also brought back memories of how fast time has gone by… My first crop and earliest pages were created some five years back! Wow… of course, in that time, I’ve completed my studies, become a trained teacher, got married, set up our home, worked tremendously hard… I still remember a period of time when I could only stare doefully at all my pretty products and not have the time to play with them…months on end… Today, I tell myself, no matter what, it is through creating that I recreate, so I must make time for it! Yeah!


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