Praise God!

We’re celebrating! I was tremendously happy last week, after having worked so hard at the school event I was in charge of. The week brought with it even more good news when the results of the drama competition were released and the students did very well, clinching a bronze! Yeah! I let out a yulp of excitement when I read the SMS from my colleague. Wow!  This is the first time we have gone efor the competition and as a very young school, I’m just so proud of all the heartwork the students have shown!

Over the weekend, the beloved and I had a good time fellowshipping with the S family, a group of people who helped us tremendously when we were preparing for our marriage. It was good to just be able to sit down, have a meal together and give thanks to the Lord for all the goodness he has bestowed on us…

In line with this thankful spirit, I was creating my weekly layout and decided that it shall be on … food! Certainly something close to the hearts of the people around me. So here goes “Enjoying Life”, which celebrates the Beloved and my eating escapades while we were on our honeymoon in Penang, Malaysia. We enjoyed ourselves so much and wanted to explore this beautiful island throughly that we actullay went there twice, within six months! The first trip took place right after our wedding and we spent quite a bit of time just resting and sleeping, after all the planning and energy that went into the wedding. So the second time up there, we drove and got to go round the entire island, soaking in the various sights and filling our tummies with the yummies that were everywhere!



What I like about scrapping older pics is the fact that it presents an opportunity for the Beloved and I to revisit what we have done before, recounting all the memories that were created and just laughing at all the funny escapades, jokes we cracked (bad ones included), encounters with various people and how much time we have spent together… These will certainly be cherished, all the more so when our family gets bigger and we are privileged to share with our children all that the good Lord has given us…


One thought on “Praise God!

  1. Sophia S says:

    Cool story behind this layout! Love what you did and the beautiful vibrant colours!!!

    Hope to be able to catch up with you sometime soon! Maybe the local Pink Sketch gals (me, you and Dorcas) can meet up and have a crop together!

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