Created for the Creator

Last week is finally over… My body can finally take a break and I need to catch up with all my marking! So the school event went well and I need not fret over rehearsals anymore=) That’s good!

What I’m amazed by is how the Beloved and I found the strength over the weekend to host a group of our friends. We cooked loads (fried bee hoon (vemicelli), chicken curry, baked chicken, salad, cocktail, jelly, green bean soup and baked some cookies phew!) but had a superb time catching up with some friends from our youth ministry whom I grew up with. That was fun. We used to be a bunch of girls yet today, we’re all married, some with children of our own… I will certainly miss them when the nect chapter of our lives unfolds… Yup, things are about to change here and I will be writing about it soon…

On the creative front, have you ever come across a sketch that you are absolutely excited about, that you dream about it for a while and in the process of creating, the juices flow over and it gets all the more enjoyable? This was exactly how I felt when putting the following page together for Pink Sketches.



I throughly enjoyed the process as it’s not my usual style to scrap with loads of white space. However, when I first saw this sketch, this picture came to mind as I felt that the white spaces will heighten the grandeur of the church we got married in. “First Kiss” is also special because it records the very time my Beloved and I exchanged affections with our lips. When we first started our relationship, we decided that our very first kiss will be at the altar before God, as our way of honouring Him, as well as keeping ourselves for each other till this very special day. It’s a personal conviction we had and truly it was well worth the wait! What was really funny was Pastor. Knowing that this was our very first time, the actually made us do it a second time in front of everyone, claiming that he had “missed the first”. When the Beloved asked him “Are you serious?” Pastor replied with a straight face, “Of course!” This’s what memories are certainly made of! Journalling on the layout reads: Both our us decided that our 1st kiss will be at the altar. When the moment finally came, it was it was humorous when Pastor called for us to kiss twice!

If you notice, an attempt was made to mimick and draw focus to the picture – 2 birds, 2 butterflies, 2 circles, 2 brads… I enjoyed creating the border around the page using only coredinations. The technique was to scrape the paper off where I wanted the lines of the sqaure to be, using a ruler as a guide.

Before this post ends, may I say that I’m humbled by many of your comments and I’m truly glad that through this meaningful hobby, I’ve been able to proclaim the goodness of the Lord in our lives. Thank you fellows sisters in Christ who have been so kind to leave comments here. It’s certainly a delight to know that you have shared in the joy the Lord has graciously given me. May we continue to create to honour our Creator!


3 thoughts on “Created for the Creator

  1. Sophia S says:

    This is such a beautiful and heartfelt moment on your layout! I love it! I was totally blown away by both you and your hubby’s conviction in honoring the Lord! Simply amazing!

    Love love everything about this layout Sophie!

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