Of J & C

These two darlings Josh and Caleb are such dears… My two nephews, who simply love coming to our home as they love the pool that is nearby. However, what’s so endearing about these lads is their thoughtfulness…

My birthday is coming soon at the end of the month. Interestingly, the boys got wind of it, and mind you, we are talking about a 6 and 12 year old here, who usually do not remember their days or dates… I believe my mum had something to do with it… So when I went to my parents’ for dinner last week, low and behold, the boys greet the Beloved and I excitedly at the door, and shoved this package into my hands with a loud “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” That was really a surprise, especially if your birthday is only in another few weeks’ time!

Ther little darlings had gotten me a couple of earrings, which the honestly admitted that “Mummy paid for them” and the best gift – a picture drawn by Josh himeself. Now, Josh has always been drawing and writing letters to us. In fact, we have a special file at our place where all his creations go into. When he comes over, he enjoys taking out the file and re-telling all the stories that are going on in the pictures. Amazingly, the stories are always similar, which goes to say that they were really drawn with the Beloved and I in mind. Some of them are rather hilarious, like the one when he says ” That’s Uncle K giving Sophie Yi Yi (Auntie) a flower.” “Both of you are sitting in a boat together.” How’s that?

So to remember their kindness, here’s Josh’s latest creation of a spider cooking in our home, preparing a drink and placing it on my dining table. He actually captured some of the details of our home in the picture – like those three lights hanging over the table. Cool!



Josh’s art and creativity was my inspiration for this layout for Pink Sketches. The bright colors, the flowers that were created from the lovely Cosmo Cricket papers, all the scruching of papers, playing with glitter and distressing were done with the idea of him just having fun doodling and creating. His free spirit is worthy of my emulation.

On a seperate note, I’m so glad that the drama competition went well! I was so, so glad to see how the students gave their 120% effort! While the results are not out yet, I’m more thankful that they have grown closer as a result, they had fun and most importantly, they have grown as a result of the experience. This week up, there’s a major event at school that I’m in charge of.  I’m certainly looking forward to a good rest once it is over. Trusting the good Lord to empower me this week. You have an empowered week too! Ta!


4 thoughts on “Of J & C

  1. Winter says:

    Hi Sophie! I have been admiring your work on the Pink Sketches Blog. Your layouts are beautiful! I really loved the message of your last layout, about you and your husbands first kiss! So sweet! That is the message my husband and I teach our children. Thank you for sharing that! From reading your blog, I can tell your love for Christ, it’s nice to relate to people through Him! God Bless you and your family!

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