Itchy Fingers

My dear fingers, there’s dinner to prepare, floors to clean and loads to do… Yet you choose to wander off, heading towards those pretties and creating a mess with them…

I blame you not…

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, lounging around with the Beloved, enjoying each other’s company while reading, inspiration struck. My fingers heard the papers calling them and before I know it, g.c.d studios papers were pulled out again with the challenge set to create a page that was simple, that could be completed quickly. That was not too difficult, especially since the patterned paper was wonderfully designed to complement the picture I wanted to scrap…



Pleased as punch that this was done, with time for cooking and cleaning too! speed scrapping for a change is fun, especially for a slow coach like me, who usually take way longer as I enjoy the process…

As I seek the Lord for a good week ahead, one that is filled with His wisdom and strength, I pray too that you, my friend will enjoy the process ahead… Shalom…


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