Coming up with a title for a page is always a challenge, one that I enjoy and take pride in doing. I’m grateful that the Beloved is obliging, as he’s always involved in the process, as I bounce ideas off him. As lovers of words and ideas, much pain is taken by us to consider the different messages conveyed in our choice of words.

This week’s layout for Pink Sketches is a prime example. Having decided to create a page featuring the Beloved in his childhood, a picture that is cherished in his family, I wanted to focus on his passion for thinking. As I pondered over varies possible titles, the Beloved suggested just using a question mark, which aptly summariesed the essence of the page as well as his personality. His love to think, his passion for asking questions, his courage to say his does not know – all in a “?”.


Journalling that is hidden in the library docket reads, “you’ve always had an inquisitive mind. I love this picture of yours – which captures the wonder in your eyes… After all these years, you continue to pursue wisdom through the many questions you ask. We must certainly teach our children to ask as well… 

I had loads of fun playing with the Sassafras Lass papers, especially with all the owl motifs! I like the fact that owls are usually associated with wisdom, hence the papers complement the message of the layout.



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