When Creative Juices Flow

As Mr. Rashes refuse to depart from my tortured being, leaving me wincing in itch daily, I’m glad that Mr. Creative Juices has also chosen this time to come! That means that with my hands busy working those lovely papers and scissors, I will not scratch myself – which is a good thing=) So here are some layouts done, which I’m really proud of. First, SHINE.


This page has been brewing in my head for a very long time, ever since the photo was developed. I wanted to create a layout that was rich in color and at the same time represent whom we are. So this was it, very much inspired by the new range of Basic Grey papers – Marrakech which I love tremendously! Those flowers are a beauty and I was immediately drawn to those rich colors and amazing blooms! Loads of time went into cutting out the flowers and layering them. But it was all worth it=) The journalling on this one was simple “established since 2007. “…His banner over me is love…” Song of Songs. Sophie & Kelvin” Wanted it to be minimal, just when we got married and our verse for our wedding. This now sits on the very first page of our wedding album.

Riding on the waves of blooms came this other layout – Mummy.  My mum loves red and big red roses are her fav. With this beautiful picture in mind which I’m so glad the wedding photographer took,  using American Crafts paper (ala carte vinegarette and hollandaise), was a given. The colors and pattern just worked beautifully with the message and essence I was hoping to capture with this piece of work. The journelling on this one reads: ” Mum and I… Over the years, we’ve had our fair share of disagreements, loud voices and cold wars. However, through them all, I know that we truly love each other. Glad that I could give mum a hug and tell her how thankful I am for everything she has done and been to me. I will always remember the times she will check on us in the middle of the night when we’re not well. Mum has always given us the best. I love you…” The beloved loves this layout and as I place it beside my bed, starring at it last night, I can only say that I’m thankful for all that Mummy has done for me… She’s truly one of my heroes…


As I look at our wedding pages, I realised how much of the color choices continue to be inspired by our wedding colors. This was our invite.


Till today, the Beloved still remembers how unceasingly we workedto produce all 600 cards by hand…. That was a lot of weekends of heartwork! Yet, no regrets for I really love how the invites was the start of a magical experience, celebrating our love and our guests could be a part of that from the moment they saw our invites.

The same colors were used in our vows and the guest canvas that was present during the dinner. I used masking tape, paints and inks to create the effect on the cancas and today, these (two of them, one for each of our dinner reception, here and up North) hand proudly on the wall outside our study.





So now that I’ve finally uploaded these pics, I’m inspired to complete even more layouts on our wedding before more pics come in. At the end of the day, as the Beloved always remind me, I scrap because I enjoy the process and how it helps me relax and channel my creative juices. Here’s to a fantastic week ahead!


2 thoughts on “When Creative Juices Flow

  1. Sophia S says:

    Hey Sophie!!!

    Congrats for making DT over at Pink Sketches! This is really exciting and I’m loving your works and layouts! Love the colours that you use and love that how you proclaim the Lord’s goodness in yours and hb’s lives. Looking forward to getting to you better!

    Pink Sketches

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