Moving Forward…

As promised, the Beloved and I had a wonderful 1st anniversary celebration. We had this:




I loved the desserts and we had a lovely time just recollecting about the past year. What is so sweet about the Beloved is his thoughtfulness. He wrote a love note and decided that since it’s the first anniversary and paper is the symbol, we’ll go to my favourite LSS and buy some! That will make me a scrapperholic for life too! Amazing isn’t he?


Here’s my card to him, I’m continually awed by God’s goodness in our lives and His tremendous blessing to me in the form of this wonderful man…

Meanwhile, I had time to create this layout this week, capturing another favourite moment: When the mail arrives! Used bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard and nick nacks from the mail for this to capture all the paraphanalia that comes together with each surprise.



I’m glad that with this layout, I’m moving away from orange, which I really love. Just wanted to try another color with this one. This week also saw the creation of this:


Baking in the form of a diaper cake! What was really cute was having the brother of the newborn imagine feeding the cake to all around that day. That’s what imagination is all about!


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