From the Heart

Made the following yesterday for a colleague’s newborn baby girl. Looking forward to meeting her real soon.



As I think about the process behind making a card, I realise how important it is to consider your intended audience… It helps too of course, that sometimes, something place there in the card re-inforces the message without you even knowing the cultural significance. Just like this one, made with a newfound friend that the Beloved introduced:


Dear Mr Owl was there to convey the wonderful time I had with her while she was here in Singapore. A little cute birdie to say thank you and till we meet again. Thought she might have liked him. Much to my surprise and delight, dear A wrote a thank you email explaining the following:

…In Vietnamese culture, the eyes of a night owl symbolize a resilient effort to see through things critically and speak truth to injustices. That has always been my passion and you saw that!…”

Isn’t that great! I’m happy to have made her day! That’s the beauty of a handmade gift. Not something that is just bought off the shelves, but a symbol of one’s love, gratitude and regard. So let’s continue to bless many people through this ability to create! Go forth… from the heart!



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