Home Sweet Home

Isn’t it strange that it always seems that we fall sick only when it’s the weekend or the hols? After attending a conference on Friday where I was already feeling giddy and the inability to taste my food, I woke up on Saturday with a full blown flu, with my throat hurting like crazy and my head spinning. With that, the Beloved and I spent the day at home and he was so sweet to attend to my needs for the entire day!

I have come to the conclusion that sadly, in Singapore, it’s strange that an unoccupied weekend is certainly a luxury, one that we rarely have. Perhaps I’m in no position to generalise for everyone, but it certainly seems to be so for me. So instead of going for my youth ministry yesterday, I spent the time sleeping, something I missed tremendously this week, no thanks to my work and other commitments. Drinking the apple cider and honey concoction that the Beloved made was also a great remedy! Seriously, I used to detest apple cider, but am now a convert and attest to its amazing qualities!

In short, I love being at home.

In another sense of the word, I’m thankful too for a wonderful family, both my immediate family and the Beloved’s. Today, as all of us gathered at my parents, it felt so good just to be together, as the little ones run around and we try to have our conversations, with all the food filling the table. Just being together and knowing that we can count on being there for each other through thick and thin together makes me feel comforted and grateful to the Lord for every single one of them. It amazes me how as we grow older, we come to a better understanding of each other and there is also a greater tolerance for each other’s idiosyncracies.

All in other, other than this nasty flu, it’s certainly Home Sweet Home… Enjoy yours too…


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