The Amazing Race

So there has been a lack of posts for the last couple of weeks due to a family emergency. On 20th October, the Beloved and I received a call from his family up North, requesting for us to return as soon as possible as Grandma was not in a great condition. The beloved and I immediately started our journey with a frantic attempt to throw in clothes into our nightbag, call possible airlines to book tickets, check that the home is safe and secure and of course to inform our supervisors at work. Failing to reach anyone on the phone, we rushed to Changi Airport and thank God, made it just in time to get on the last flight for the day up North. The security officer at the departure gate was so sweet when he saw us running. “In a hurry? No worries, I’m quick! Take care!” We fled to the gate just in time to board the plane. So I guess that is the closest I will ever get to being on The Amazing Race. We were glad that we got to see Grandma that night when we rushed to the hospital upon arrival. The next morning, Grandma said goodbye…

In times like these, it is hardest for the living. Thanks to understanding employers, we got to stay for a couple of days with my in-laws to support them, especially my mum-in-law who was really close to her mother. I love all my in-laws as everyone in the family are truly warm and big-hearted individuals who embraced me into the family since the Beloved and I started our relationship. So it was rather sad when we finally have to return home and I am looking forward to spending time with them in December again.

Once home, there were loads to settle at work, at home and in our youth ministry. Managed to complete ploughing through the stack of essays I had to mark for the exams and the delightful part was seeing how the students have improved from history! Great work! The thing that has been offering me respite and maintaining my sanity, other than God, is crafting. The following were two pages created upon my return, done in the night to hel pme re-charge for the next day:

This was created to celebrate the relationship Jeslyn and I share. We are pals at work and share closely with one another about life. When I got married last year, she was a great source of ideas and support, especially since she got married 8 months before I did! So Thank you Jes for everything! I haf fun creating this using Scenic Route papers and while creating, the one thing that I kept reminding myself was there pink must be featured in this layout as Jes loves that color to bits!

Another layout completed was the following, who is my favourite to date:

The pictures used were taken recently and I decided to play with the color saturation to get different hues of my face, an idea the Beloved and I toyed with. I’m a Dreamer at heart, as I often live in my imaginary world, where ideas take shape and things that are impossible happen. Tried to capture this aspect of myself thorugh this layout, which was part of the challenge at Made With Love for October, hosted by Leena. I had tremendous fun creating this, especially in cutting up all the different papers from Basic Grey, Sassafras and Hamblys. I love the amount of activity going on around the title, which is an interpretation of the buzz in my head. Love all those beautiful images! The cheery on top of this layout came this morning. When I woke up and checked out the forum on MWL, i was greeted with this. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!! I won the challenge! An absolute surprise! There were many wonderful layouts there by the other ladies who participated as well! I’m just glad that the wonderful ladies who left comments saw the colorful, vibrancy and energy in this particular page. That’s just so who I am! So I’m looking forward to playing with these new toys soon (Thanks Leena!):


Before I end this post, I must certainly mention about this book which I borrowed recently from the local library:

50 Cute & Crafty Projects

It was fun looking thorugh it, gleaning various ideas about how buttons can be used in craft work. What was more exciting was learning about how buttons are such a great part of some peoples’ lives. 1. Have you heard of the Button King? This one intrigued me. Dalton Stevens suffers from insomnia and hence, he started attaching buttons to a suit and eventually to a car and even his own hearse! This is so amazing!

2. The Buttonarium. How about an online museum featuring only buttons? Certainly worth a visit to get some inspiration! Have fun!


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