Beautiful Weekend

This weekend was fruitful. Saturday saw my youth ministry heading to the local park for a prayer retreat.

This was the view of my estate from the park. Lovely, isn’t it? So we spent the day in prayer, seeking God and reflecting on our lives. For me, it was a good break from the hustle and bustle of work as I give thanks for His goodness, as well as consider where my life is heading. In the midst of writing while enjoying a picnic, this little guy joined me:

Incredibly happy that the camera was good enough to capture the details on this little friend. When the day ended in the evening, we were thankful that the Lord held up the skies and though there were times where it threatened to rain, it did not. Instead, we got a gentle breeze blowing through the afternoon (it should have been real hot!) and the Beloved even spied a white hawk (I think) catch a fish from the pond. Wow! We must do this more often. Gives me reason to use my dear picnic basket too=)

On a side note, my new friend, Sophia, who was generous to give a RAK (read this) sent not only what was promised, but took the time to create a card and to throw in some other goodies too! Thanks Sophia! You are a gem! These greeted me when I picked them from the post office:

So my dear Sophia, expect this to reach you soon, as I return your kindness:

This is what I really like about the creative world, where the heart is in the art we create, and we get the prvilege of blessing others. Similarly, part of our daily blessing is the joy that we get to cook our own meals, to know that we are actually provided for my the Lord. So this week’s lunch box stars my first humble attempt at chicken curry.


This was prepared on Sunday, where amazingly, because the Beloved and I are learning to sleep early and wake up early, got to cook, clean, read and even go to the park in the evening to cycle! Wow! It was absolutely fulfilling! I’m working on improving my cycling skills and plan to do so in the next few months. So no pics of our cycling trip for now. Instead, as the Beloved would say, “Enough pics for now!” Poor thing, my sole target for shooting!


So here’s to a great week ahead and I hope you have one too! We are looking forward to yet another creative and satisfying weekend!


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