Now there’s a great crunch…..arggh!

The last few days have been rainy here. As much as I have set my heart to running home, dear Mr Sun decided to hide behind his blanket of clouds… So when the working pants showed signs of being overstretched, I decided to do a series of crunches at home. The Beloved must have found it amusing when he saw me at it, grinning occasionally, when he finally told me that “you need to curl yourself as you come up, not lift your torso.” So that meant that all the great satisfaction I felt of having been doing the crunches religiously were thrown out of the window! However, under his guidance, it all soon worked out and oh boy, did my abs feel the strain! It felt good at the end though=)

In this cool weather, it was a treat being able to eat a bowl of yummy snow fox dessert!


This is a dessert which some call hashima. Boiled this in the slow cooker with red dates and dried longans. It was certainly refreshing after a hard day’s work.

On the scrapping front, been doing a layout of my nephews. Been having fun playing with my sizzix to create these titles. I like how the colors mimic those on a pizza.:


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