Weekends & Hols

The Beloved and I enjoy cooking together. This weekend was no exception. For us, part of living simply include preparing healthy meals for ourselves. We pack our lunches for work and eat a light dinner. As such, the menu varies from pasta salads, curries, to soups. This week was good as there was the additional public holiday that resulted in Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes being baked. We adore them!


Don’t you just love those strawberries? These used to be the answer when I was asked “What’s your favourite fruit?” These days ,they make a very, very rare appearance at home only when the price is right. I wanted to capture their beautiful color against our kitchen floor tiles.

Last week’s menu was passion fruit pasta salad, after our grocery shopping saw us giving a go at passion fruit that were everywhere! These lunch boxes were accompanied by grilled chicken which I experimented on by marinating them with mustard, a current favourite of ours. Yup, that’s our week’s worth of food all lined up. I used to think that the food will end up not being fresh, but was proven wrong when I learnt that the trick was proper refrigeration.


As for this week, it’s back to once again trying out fish head curry. I have slowly learnt to eat the head, but nonetheless will prefer the meat anytime. So what you see in the picture is actually my share of the meal.


So with all these yummies coming out from the kitchen, I guess it was worth it bringing the cart with me to Orchard Road. It naturally led to weird stares from people wondering what is this “Auntie” doing with this frumpy cart in Singapore’s popular shopping district! Haha…In any case, I had fun on the train capturing our trusty cart that returns home with us every weekend filled.


On the line of food, we are working with our youth ministry to raise goodies for a project called “Rice to the Occasion”. In our bid to reach out to the poor, we are collecting items like toothpaste, oil and washing powder to give to needy people in the community. The original idea was to give rice, before we were informed by the family service centre that the families needed other items more than rice. On our planning trip yesterday, it was certainly a humbling experience looking at the conditions fellow Singaporeans live in. This was my favourite shot for the day:


Just as the Lord has blessed us, we want to bless others. So here’s to continually taking good care of our healths, eating healthy and living a life that is a blessing to others! Looking forward to many more creative Weekends!


2 thoughts on “Weekends & Hols

  1. Felicia says:


    i got to know of an event of the same name conducted by the navteens.
    is this the same event?


    p.s. got to your blog from TSL 🙂

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