This is gonna be a long post! Just returned from my work trip to Bangkok. It was certainly exciting, given the political situation there presently. While I was looking forward to having a glimpse of what is happening, we only went past a spot where the people were gathered to board buses that will take them to the government house. Beyond that ‘eventful’ historical moment, the food in Thailand was great! Pics and more details another time.

The past weeks has brought a sense of accomplishment. Completed various craft projects and also finally, the rhythm of running has started. No more just running because I am asked to, but am establishing a pattern of running on alternate days. Time to get fit!

On the creative front, the following were done, with loads of stamping thrown in:

Love this card that was created using primarily Purple Onion Designs stamps. I love this card, not only because I enjoy history, but just the overall nostalgic look to it. Using utee over the stamped word such contributed to that! Details of the card are in the following picture:

Riding on the ‘history’ idea, a memories box was also created, using the container that my dear tea set came in.

Used the days and dates stamp to create the pinwheels and sticks to tie in with the idea of time passing and remembering to cherish each day. This shall be a gift to someone soon!

A card for an upcoming birthday using the same pp which I love so much:



Making all these certainly brings back loads of memories about the time when the following was created for the Beloved for one of our dating anniversaries – a chess board with matching case for the chess pieces.

So that pretty much sums up what I have been doing on the recreation fun and that brought for me such a great sense of fulfilment. As the Beloved mentioned the other night – once we sleep well and recreate well, each morning is a joy towake up to!


One thought on “Fulfilment

  1. Cookie says:

    Hi Sophie,
    I adore your blog and your creative spirit. It’s obvious that you are having a great deal of fun. I will be back!

    Hugs and good wishes,
    (Cookie Sunshine)

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