The last few weeks has been good for my soul. Took the time to scrap and to re-energise as I continue to give thanks to the Lord for His blessings. The following was done for Made With Love’s challenge. Aida hosted it this time round and we had to create using paint, glitter etc.


This was fun as I finally got round to playing with glimmer mist and went back to one of my al ltime favourite colours – aquamarine!

The itch to create continued and this time round, the following was done using the scrap challenge found at scrap.inspire.create. This layout was done based on the sketch dome by Michele Lui Tan. Again, glimmer mist was used, this time round to alter the cardstock and I finally got to use the cute elephant paper bought a long time back by Basic Grey.


Zion is the name of our elephant. He came about after the Beloved jokingly said that I walk like an elephant up the steps. As a result, he received zion as our 1st month gift from me. Zion was so named as God used a passage in Isaiah talking about the city of Zion to speak to me about the Beloved becoming my husband. As such, Zion is a celebration of our beginnings as a couple.

I’m looking forward to a great week ahead and I hope you have one too!


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