This is Home

We celebrate our 8 months of marriage today and I finally completed this page that I have been working on. Today, I give thanks for how God has provided us with a place of our own and this is also the essence of what this layout was about.


Glad that I took the time to enjoy the process and got to play with UTEE finally. Love the final results and what really set me thinking is how we finally got a place to call our own.

I remember how this time last year we were getting ready to collect our keys, after a heart-stopping journey of anticipation, anxiety and simply trusting the Lord to provide us with a place of our own before we got married. True to His word, the Lord gave us a place better than we expected and today, almost one year later, both the Beloved and I wake up each day amazed at His provision and how through the faith challenging process of balloting, selection and renovation, God never failed us and we can today have a place that we proudly called HOME.

Here’s to 8 months of our union, and many more great months and years to come!


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