Adranaline Rush

After a longggggg break and procrastination, I finally resumed my 5km run! Yup, ran home from work yesterday! It was certainly satisfying at the end, when I can proudly say to DH that I resisted the temptation of boarding the shuttle bus when it actually paused a moment for me at a bus stop when I ran past… I must continue this and make it a habit…It’s really not that difficult and my body will certainly thank me!

With that said, it seems too that having a blog pic and template that I love is also helping me write more. That is good… As I consider what are possibilities open to me in life and what I can do in the next chapter, I’m seriously considering something that involves my gifts and talents, something that allows me to play with colors and types and a daily basis… Pray along with me as I seek directions… Hmm, I should think about this as I run… Here’s to a great weekend!


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