I love….this template! Stumbled upon this by chance… Was getting frustrated by what I was seeing each time I came in here, and thus, the lack of motivation to even write. When I finally got to the point of trouble shooting to find out how I can customise my own blog header, voila, realised the root of all the trouble – some templates simply do not allow you to change the header!!! Why didn’t I think of that earlier??? So browsed through those that allowed, found one that I liked, except that the set picture was that of a stadium… Thought I will give it a try anyway…and….to my pleasant surprise, they gave me a picture of vintage books!!! I cannot ask for anything better=)

This little adventure certainly has piqued my interest as to what really drives one to create, to capture the beauty around us. For me, it often begins with words… Right now, after teaching “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost, I’m thinking about this little word “Wonder”. Have we lost our sense of wonderment? I guess through creating, I’m constantly reminded of what God has created and the need to value them. So for me, I am in the midst of remembering to be thankful for the little goodness I see each day, instead of focusing on all the happenings that drive me up the wall. More imporatantly, I’m seeing the gem in DH’s invaluable encouragement for me to spend at least a little time each day to create, for that CERTAINLY helps me to smile and enjoy life, and that, inspires me…

Keep your sense of wonder and the inspiration will follow…


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