Cocoa Vanilla Studio: Awesome Dude

At the end of most days, I find myself really tired but my fingers are itching to scrap nonetheless. My solution? Come up with a page where the design comes together real quick and easy. Like the following:

Awesome Dude FN.jpg

I love the boy’s smile in this photo and all the elements in Cocoa Vanilla Studio’s Totally Rad collection really make for a fun, fun, fun boy page! More details on this page can be found on the blog today. Check it out!

Cocoa Vanilla Studio: Super Epic

Ever been inspired by the design of a patterned paper to create in a particular fashion? I was when I first saw the “Line Up” patterned paper from the Totally Rad collection, my first thought was, “Wow! How clever of Zoe!” I really loved how she created the image that was made up of numerous speedometers. I thought it was a perfect paper to scrap about my 2 year old, who has recently learnt how to cycle on his balance bike.

Super Epic FN

I had so much fun creating this page. For more pics and details, do hop on over to my post on Cocoa Vanilla Studio’s blog!

Cocoa Vanilla Studio: Totally Rad

Have you seen the latest range from Cocoa Vanilla Studio? With loads of boy pictures to scrap, I found it a breeze to use the Totally Rad collection to create my boy pages with. In fact, while creating my page one day, I was faced with the tough decision of selecting which part of the cut a part paper (Mix Tape) to include on my page. It was at that moment, when I was fiddling with my photo on top of the paper that I had an “ah hah!” moment – why not use the entire sheet for my background? As a result, the following was birthed:

Totally Awesome FN

Details for this page are up on Cocoa Vanilla Studio’s blog. Check it out!

Cocoa Vanilla Studio: Because I’m Happy

One of the best gifts I can ask for as a scrapbooker is a willing subject. This little girl of mine love to have her pictures taken. In fact, these days, she not only requests for her photos taken, but tells me to create a page of the photo as well! The following layout is one about the crazy faces she loves to pull and she has no qualms getting into action anywhere, even if everyone on the train is staring at her as she dons that funny kitty headband (she loves it to bits!).

Because I'm Happy FN

Loads more details and pics on Cocoa Vanilla Studio’s blog. Do hop on over!

Cocoa Vanilla Studio: Out!

Hello there! One month into the new year, I hope you are enjoying 2016. In our home, we are enjoying the baby and slowly getting a hang of things, as we factor the new one into our daily lives. One of the things the older kids enjoy is imitating the baby and they were tickled to notice how often the baby sticks out his tongue! It was during one of these moments that I took the photo in the following layout:

Out! FN

Do check out details of this page on Cocoa Vanilla Studio’s blog!

Cocoa Vanilla Studio: Lawrence United

Hello there! Life for me these days are filled with handling my three little darlings, as we try to get into a new rhythm that includes the baby. I am thankful that they love each other and I pray that they will continue to do so and cherish their relationships with one another. So here’s a page to remember that:

Lawrence United FN

For more details about this page, do head over to Cocoa Vanilla Studio’s blog. Till the next post!