Timeless Twine: Happy Teachers’ Day!

Hello there! In Singapore, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on the first Friday of September annually. I thought making a little personalized notebook will be a suitable gift for my little girl’s teachers. I share this on Timeless Twine’s blog today.

After binding my own notebooks, I embellished them with Cape Cod twine, doilies, stickers and tags from Bella Creationz. I also used stamps to add more hearts to the tag, as well as create a little banner.

I really love the combination of grey and yellow and think they make for such a gorgeous twine. Hence, I went on to create tassels for each notebook as well.

I hope this inspires you to create your own notebook, perhaps as a gift or even for yourself. Till the next post!

Cocoa Vanilla Studio: Love Thrice Over

These days, I feel like a whale. Baby is getting so much bigger and it is tough trying to find a comfortable position to settle myself into. Nonetheless, I am constantly reminded that I am so blessed to have these three little ones in my life. Hence the following page:

Love Thrice Over FN

I really love this photo, since it is not everyday that I get to be in one with these two little darlings, and to actually have them smiling for the camera at the same time as well!

More details of this page can be found on Cocoa Vanilla Studio’s blog. Till my next post!

Clique Kits: August Pep Rally


Hello there! Thanks for stopping by as part of the Clique Kits August Pep Rally!

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So I love the greys and yellows in this lovely Ambrosia kit and decided that they were perfect for scrapping about the time we went cherry picking in Young, Australia. All those fruity embellishments and icons in this kit made putting this page together a cinch!

Young FN, @colortypes sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #papercraft #ckdesignteam #ckambrosia #pinkpaislee

Interestingly on this page, with the name of the place being Young and the whole idea of planting and gathering cherries, I like the double meaning on all the words, hence the choice of using the photo of my little girl picking cherries. You know, the whole idea of her being young, and growing continually…. Seeing these photos make me crave for cherries again and all the fun we had that day at the cherry festival!

I love those gold alpha stickers included in the kit and I think they make for a really stunning title. See that plant label “Grow where you are planted”? That’s a printable for CK and I think they are so, so fun to use! Of late, I seem to be drawn to both sides of a piece of patterned paper and have a compulsion of featuring them on the same page. Here, I took the simple approach of placing them horizontally on top of each other, unified by banners across them.

Thank you once again for stopping by. I hop the fun continues for you, as you head off next to the ever so creative Sandy’s blog. Enjoy and stay young!

Clique Kits: Fyshwick Market

Whenever we go grocery shopping, we think of all the fun times we had doing our weekly grocery run in Canberra. Fresh produce, friendly faces and awesome prices. Can’t get any better than that! Hence, I created this page to remember Fyshwick Market, which we love so dearly.

Fyshwick FN

Love how all the fruity images found in Clique Kit’s August kit, Ambrosia, lends so well to the theme of this page. Don’t forget to check out Clique Kit’s August challenge and you might just win a prize for yourself!

Clique Kits: Happy

Hello there! What makes you happy? As a stay at home mummy, the opportunity to hang out with my two little darlings certainly ranks high on my happy-o-meter. I thought it would be perfect to create a page using these photo booth photos we took during one of our excursions to the art museum. I am sharing this page on Clique Kits blog:

Happy FN, @colortypes sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #ckambrosia #pinkpaislee #scrapbooking #papercraft

I decided that for the background of this particular page, I would work my ruler a little more than usual and create a quilt effect using the branding strips on my patterned papers.

To create this effect, I first divided my cardstock into a grid of 3 X 3. Using the natural width of the branding strips, I layered the strips around each square. I also added some of those cute pineapple washi tape from Little B in each square, as well as some other strips from my leftover patterned papers.

Happy 1 FN, @colortypes sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #ckambrosia #pinkpaislee #scrapbooking #papercraft

Once I was happy with the effect, I adhered these securely to the cardstock. To anchor my photos to the background, I cut a large banner and used it as a photo mat on one side of my page. Because the quilt effect is already rather busy, I kept things simple on this part of the page and allowed the photos to speak for themselves.

Happy 2 FN, @colortypes sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #ckambrosia #pinkpaislee #scrapbooking #papercraft

I decided to write my journaling on black cardstock to make it pop against the background. To finish off the page, I used my liquid pearls to create some enamel dots.

Happy 3 FN, @colortypes sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #ckambrosia #pinkpaislee #scrapbooking #papercraft

Thanks for joining me today. I hope by utilizing your ruler, your scraps and branding strips will get a good stretch on your next layout!

Cocoa Vanilla Studio: Lovely

So we have been asked time and again, “Is baby #3 a boy or a girl?”

Our response has always been, “We have no idea. It’s going to be a surprise!” It’s interesting how people in Singapore thinks everyone likes to know the gender of their babies prior to his/her appearance. For the hubs and I, we love the surprise at the point of birth, and ultimately, whether baby is a boy or girl, it does not really matter to us, for every child to us is a blessing and gift from God.

I thought it would be interesting to scrap a page about this question. We have often wondered how baby will look like and chances are, given our track record with the first two babies, they are all going to look really alike.

Lovely FN

More details about this page can be found on Cocoa Vanilla Studio’s blog. And rest assured, when baby arrives, I will certainly be sharing the gender =)

Timeless Twine: Let Your Hair Down this Weekend!

Hi there! I’m excited to share with you a little something I created using Cape Cod bakers twine on Timeless Twine’s blog:

I thought this would make a perfect gift for a girl friend or even a little girl, with the intention of encouraging someone to take a break this coming weekend. I crocheted the bow using Cape cod and Lemonade yellow bakers twine. Add on a hair clip and I had a quick and easy gift!


To jazz up the gift further, I embellished a small kraft bag with a white doily and star sequins. I also stamped the banner from the Weekend Plans clear stamp set and attached that to a metallic gold sticker sheet. This is such a useful product as it made adhering the banner to the project easy.

I popped a little note into the bag for my friend and I was good to go! I hope you are having some fun this weekend and perhaps you might like to invite a girl friend along as well? =)

Cape Cod Bakers Twine

 Lemonade Yellow Bakers Twine

   Paper Lace Doilies

 Weekend Plans Clear Stamp Set