Be Happy Wednesday!

Hello Everyone! It’s mid-week and I am up on Timeless Twine’s blog to share with you a little something that will hopefully add a little color and cheer to your Wednesday.

I created this little poster which is framed by a clipboard and I think it is a lovely gift to make someone’s day a little brighter.

Here’s a closer look:

I used twine two ways on this project:

1. Free form word

To create the word “be”, I coated a strand of twine with a little glue paste and spelled the word before it dried.

2. Twine covered word

In the case of “happy”, I wound twine around each letter and adhered them to gold foil adhesive paper for an additional shine.

What really makes me happy in this project are the sequins – it’s amazing how many colors there are in the mix!

Here are the products used in this project:

I hope this project made you a little happier and that you will have some twine fun soon!

Beautiful Moment

As a stay at home mummy, I revel the times when the two little ones play well together, where silence can be heard and I am actually able to capture them playing together! Hello there! I am sharing my layout ” Beautiful Moment” today on Cocoa Vanilla Studio’s Blog.

Beautiful Moment FN

This page marries both the Sugar & Spice and Flying High collections – perfect for this page featuring both my little boy and girl.

Beautiful Moment 1 FN

I had loads of fun cutting out diamonds to create the paper piecing along the right side of the page. In order for the colours to pop further, I allowed the background denim patterned paper to show in between the diamonds. I love the subtle texture in the denim pattern paper and it was the perfect balance on the left side of this page.

Beautiful Moment 2 FN

Once the paper piecing was completed, I created the title using the “beautiful” word sticker and outlined the word “moment” from some shipboard letter stickers that I had on hand. I embellished it with some flairs, stickers and journaling and these served to also anchor the photo on the page. For a final touch, I splattered on some white paint and adhered some paper clouds to the top part of the page. It’s really cool that both the boy and girl collection work so well together and playing with both of them together really produce some interesting results! Try it!

PlanNERD Sunday: My March Monthly Page

Salutations! I’m sharing with you a peek of my planner for this month on Timeless Twine blog.

I like variety in my planner and often times, I find myself trying out something different for each month. For the month of March, I decided that I would stamp my pages and have two squares for each day of the month so that there is more space for me to write. I love the drink bottle stamp found in Plan to be Fit and used that for this month’s pages to record my water intake.

I used an old 7Gypsies stamp that I had to stamp each square and accompanied each one with the list stamp found in the planNERD 2 stamps set. I also stamped the circle and arrow list icons from planNERD stamps set beside each list so that I have something to tick against. I went with orange and green for this month decided that some green reinforcement rings would add some color to the pages. I also used the circle bits from the rings to embellish the top of the page for some added fun.

After using a brush to write “March”, I though it would be fun to stamp a geotag on the top. I also added a white arrow sticker on the right and stamped some stars on it. For a final touch, I used the arrow stamp from planNERD to create borders on the top and bottom of the pages.

Thank you for joining me today and here is a list of the products I used to create my pages:

Green Circle Reinforcement Stickers

Cross Stitching with Twine

Salutations everyone! I am on Timeless Twine’s blog today to share with you how I cross stitched on my layout using twine.

See those five hearts on this page? They were created using the following simple steps before I adhered them to the page.

Step 1: Cut out a square in your size of choice (I used 9 x 9 cm). Create a grid pattern and punch out the points of intersection.

Step 2: Paint your background with water color, should you like an additional pop of color.

Step 3: Cross stitch your heart pattern through the holes of the grid. For an additional touch, I also stitched around each square. In order to get bolder lines on each heart, I used double stands of twine.

And that’s it! Your cross-stitched heart is ready for you to use on a card or page! I used Chic Tag’s patterned papers and embellishments for this layout and loads of the following fun Timeless Twine:

Have loads of fun cross stitching on your page!

Oh Boy!

Salutations everyone! Today I’m sharing a layout I created using the Flying High collection from Cocoa Vanilla Studio. My almost 2 years old little boy thinks he is just like Daddy – A man. He doesn’t realize that there are many things that only a big man is capable of.Hence, we often find him doing things that we do, like drinking from a glass mug and finishing EVERYTHING in that enormous mug! He is truly our little man.

Oh Boy FN

I started this layout by layering paper banners at the back of the photo. All the fun patterns in this collection made it really easy to match and complement the subject of this page. To add a little interest to the page, I decided to tilt everything, and scrap at an angle. These paper banners were also anchored using the target stickers from the sticker sheet.

Oh Boy 1 FN

In order to draw attention to the mug in the photo. I clustered arrows from the sticker sheet and wooden arrows on the photo itself. This is such a quick way to emphasize what I wanted in the photo.

Oh Boy 2 FN

Finally, sticker, paper, cork and wood veneer stars were scattered all around the page and it’s done!

I hope you have loads of fun using all those stickers and stars in this really fun collection!


Salutations everyone! I’m totally thrilled to be sharing my first layout for Cocoa Vanilla Studio using all the yummies found in Cocoa Vanilla Studio’s Sugar & Spice collection. When I first laid my eyes on this gorgeous collection, it was an immediate gut reaction to create a page about mu little girl, Sage. It certainly helped that Sage was beside me at that moment and she was also gushing over all the colours, butterflies and flowers.=)

Sage My Girl FN

I love the blue background paper very much and it was the perfect choice for this layout, given that blue is Sage’s favourite colour. Using her name as the main focus, I went on to cut out each letter from different patterned papers in the collection. I also outlined each letter with a black marker to give them more definition. Then came the fun bit – embellish to my heart’s content!

Sage My Girl 1 FN

I used loads of stickers from the sticker sheet, wood veneers and cork hearts to surround the word “Sage”. To add further interest, I also created my own blooms using quilling techniques. See the flourish at the bottom of the letter “E”? I love how by simply curling a piece of paper and adhering it to the page, a little movement is created. I thought it was fun to anchor it with the absolutely adorable floral flair button that is my favourite from this collection.

Sage My Girl 3 FN

Once I was happy with the entire college of embellishments, I hand-stitched around the cream paper and added a few cross stitches to the corners for added interest.

Sage My Girl 2 FN

For a final touch, I splatted on some white paint and my page is done! Thank you for joining me and I hope you have some fun creating clusters around words on your pages too!

Move it Monday: Pajaki Chandelier

Salutations! Thank you for taking the time to join me today. Sophie here and from my earlier posts, you should gather by now that I REALLY LOVE COLOR. So, it is no surprise today that I went crazy once again with my twines and created my very own pajaki chandelier which I have been meaning to create for a while now. Pajaki chandeliers are decorative Polish paper mobiles typically made from straws and scrap paper. I love how festive they look and think they are the perfect embellishment to brighten any space!

In my interpretation of this darling project, I built the structure using red stripes paper straws and yellow polka dots paper straws before adorning it with tassels and mini pom-poms made using Lemonade Yellow Bakers Twine and twines from the Sorbet Collection. I also draped my beloved yellow bead necklace, which sadly broke, around it. Throw on some paper flowers and a gold doily at the base and I was truly happy.

See that tassel at the bottom of the chandelier? I decided that it would be fun to create it with two lengths and color of twine and the Timeless Twine Sorbet Collection twines complement each other so well for this purpose.

And with that, my chandelier is completed and I love how happy it makes me! Have fun creating one too!

4″ Metallic Gold Lace Doilies