All Grown Up

These days, the luxury of being able to scrap is a pleasure I totally devour. I love how cutting and pasting gives me the space to reflect and slow down, to consider how I live, to be grateful for all that we have. This recent layout celebrates Sage. My little girl is all grown up now, going to school eeryday and loving every moment of it. In fact, it seems to be a torture for her when we tell her that it’s the weekend or the school hols! I was the one who had to learn to let go when we made the decision to send her to nursery, instead of schooling her myself. She totally thrives on social interaction and all the fun she has with her friends in school does so much good for her.

Grow Layout Small

This layout is a reminder for her and for us what we desire for her to learn and aspects to grow in. I particularly loved this exercise, which made me reflect why she is there, instead of it being merely a rite of passage. I also had fun creating those tassels in the top left hand corner. Love making my own embellishments and that was loads of fun.

My dear Sage, keep growing, love those around, think and bless those around you. We are so proud of you.

Our Appointed Blessing

While getting my crafty supplies sorted and organising my pages, it was evident that I need to get the little one’s album started. The older sister’s pics have been getting scrapped, so here’s one about his birth.


Another of his smiles. Seeing him smile never fails to put one on my face as well. it’s amazing how he gives me his 100% attention and that gaze and grin is so, so adorable.


Thank you Lord for this little man!

Wow! Check This Out!

I have been missing all things Down Under. Freinds, weather, green open spaces, being able to drive, personable librarians and local scrapbook magazine. So, it totally made my day, when I found out that hey, Scrapbooking Memories has decided to digitise some of their past issues – some of them are those when I was a Masters! How cool is that! I am so going to get the issue which has my article in it on Super Supple Supplies – stectching the potential of my scrapping supplies without breaking the bank. At AUD$1.95 an issue, I think it’s a good deal. Check it out with me, won’t you? Do download the freebie digital mag too, to get some free inspiration. =)

Always Happy!

I have been on a roll scrapping and can’t get enough of Jillibean soup’s cold avocado soup. What a fun collection to create with. My favourite pic of the kids presently, where they are laughing so joyfully together. Oh happy day! Image

I love the light bulbs on the paper that I had fun cutting and layering and see those circles on the bottom? Like the effect created just by punching a straight line of small holes through them. Cost free embellishment. Now that is a good thing=)


One of the things I miss about living down under is sharing moments with dear friends over a cup of tea. I miss entering shops and hearing people talk about morning tea, enjoying playdates with fellow mummies where we catch up while the kids play. In sunny Singapore, having a cold drink is more common, given the crazy humidity. Nonetheless, inspired by my Aussie moments and the desire to invite a good friend over soon, here’s “Thirstea?”, my 3D teacup card.

Thirstea Card This creation was inspired by a packet of coffee beans, which featured a 3D cup on the front. After some tries, I was so happy to successfully create my own cuppa! Just for the fun of it,  this card reads, “thirstea?”

What’s your favorite tea? Make mine an earl grey=)

I Love Us

I Love Us Layout Small


These days, as we get into a routine and the littlest is sleeping so much better, I am thankful for the time I get to create. This whole process certainly makes me calmer and thankful for all that I have. Not a bad thing, given that it makes everyone around happier too. No grouchy mama around! I love how life is simple and fulfilling at the same time. I love us.

New Spring

With Chinese New Year just a week away, each day has been filled with much cleaning, preparing and creating. The nephews adore handmade gift cards for the season, so this was made for them this year:

New Spring Card

Happy to have the opportunity to play with some coredination cardstock for this card. The Chinese characters on it mean “New Spring”, which is what Chinese New Year is all about – celebrating the dawn of a new year, with the start of spring. Time to create and scrap these days are limited, what with having to look after the kids. Nonetheless, all the stamping, die cutting and sanding sure made me very happy. I like how folding the sides of the three yellow rectangle background pieces before sandpapering them gives them some added dimension. Took liberty to include the ornate frames at the bottom of the card too – afterall, it’s CNY and I think they really complement the rest of the stuff on the card. So happy to have stumbled upon this card sketch on Coredination’s blog. I’m all set for the new spring! At least in the gift card giving department. Now back to the cleaning and dusting…=)

Merry Christmas!

Dear Family and Friends, here’s wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas.

We are getting used to the weather here in Singapore, though thankfully, there has been a lovely breeze blowing for the last month. Our card for the season says it all:

Snow Card Cover Let it snow! I foldd bits of paper to creae a snowflake wreath, embellished it with a wooden snowflake and topped it with yummy handcut letter. Sage loved what is inside this card, where the surprise element lies:


Snow Card Within

Mr Snowman wishes you a Merry Christmas, just like us! Handcut the snowman and had fun adorninghim with hollies and a chevron scarf.

Have a lovely season with you and yours!

On the Road Again…

So there we have it… Four glorious years Down Under. It is here that we became a family of four, learnt to slow down, basked in God’s beautiful creation and became a part of a wonderful community. It’s hard saying goodbye… The Significant Other and I are certainly sad that we have to do so, but ultimately, what makes it all so much more bearable is we are all in it together and regardless of where we are, we are together.

Come September, we say hello to my homeland once again. The extended family is totally thrilled and we canoot wait for all the children to get together. Meanwhile, the house is filled with boxes and we hear Char Kway Teow, Chicken Rice and Satay calling our names. I cannot wait to check out the scrapbooking shops back there and get some ink on my fingers again. 

When we first came, God gave us double rainbows while driving into Canberra. Today, while praying and playing with Sage, He did it again. An assurance of what is to come. Gorgeous double rainbows seen from our home. Life can only get sweeter…

 Double Rainbows

Hello World!

G’Day everyone! I’m Seth and I am so excited to finally make an appearance to this wonderful world on 28 April 2013! Mummy and everyone at home are doing well and totally thrilled to see me.

Seth Newborn