Here’s one for the two darlings. These days, they are starting to play together, especially with Seth understanding loads more. He laps up all the songs and make believe his sister sings and creates and is certainly her no. 1 fan. Sage thankfully adores him as well and is more often than not happy to have him onboard, until he starts to destroy whatever she has created. Oh the joys of being siblings!

Tworific Small

For me, I love this layout for the fact that Iit allowed me to flex my creative muscles. I love the background which was created using Basic Grey’s June bug papers – a collection that I have hoarded for a long, long time. Having laid eyes on their new highline collection, I realised that the bright colors are similar to those in June bug. So I pulled them out and tried to create my own “3D” background using chevrons. It saw me using a protractor (My! Years ago that I last ursed one!), several trial and errors, but it was totally worth it, when the background was completed. I might just create this pattern using different papers again – just to see if the effect will be any different. 


Realised that the colors used on this page is a perfect fit for the June Colour Challenge at Mei Li Paperie (might be a sub-conscience thing, after having seen the inspiration picture on instagram)! Lovely inspiration and love how the challenge nudged me in the direction of including orange into the layout.

On a seperate note, I have been inspired of late to create more, after jumping on the Instagram bandwagon.  I’m @colortypesink . Admittedly, I am very new to this app, my phone’s camera is not the latest, but for me, that’s all secondary. I am grateful that it has allowed me to make new friends, be inspired and realised how supportive followers can be. Do tell if you can be found at Instagram too!


Staying At Home

After 4 years of staying at home to mummy the little ones, I have to admit that I am grateful for the opportunity. Sure, there were days I questioned what in the world I was doing, wondering what would have happened if I had continued working or if I will ever become out of touch with the world.

Nonetheless, it is the simple joy of witnessing these two play together, master a new skill, learn to be a better person that reminds me why we had decided for me to stay home in their growing years. No regrets staying home during this season of my life and a layout to always remind me that. Love how that picture was taken on Sage’s first day of school and it was raining. While the picture might not be the clearest, I treasure it dearly, given that it’s the only one I have of us walking to school together, what more with Seth in the sling. Surely this mama has to learn to weather all kinds of conditions! Pulled out some Cosmo Cricket papers for this page, as I attempt to use what is already in my stash.

SAHM Small


Yet, their spark and cheer never fails to uplift my spirits, so here’s one of Seth, beaming like a cheshire cat. He’s certainly my sonshine. Again, papers from Cosmo Cricket used here, with the remaining used in the page above. I like how my supplies are being stretched! Yes to savings!

Sonshine Small

 Back to mummying now and hopefully more scrapping when the sleep=)

Ribbons Galore

 I enjoy working with ribbons and was absolutely delighted to find out that May Arts Ribbons is doing a design team call. Oh what a thrill it will be, if I were selected to be a Prima Ribbonista! Nonetheless, creating these were totally fun too and thank you May Arts for taking the time to read this =). Here are the three projects that I created for this call.


Project #1: Fourever Layout

Fourever Small

I like using ribbons on pages. Ribbons provide texture and shine to a creation and I have the option of having them flat or tied for added dimension. I tried layering ribbons in different ways for this page.

Materials Used:

Assorted Ribbons

2 pieces white cardstock, one embossed (optional)

1 ribbon roll

Black pen

Embellishments and photo

1. I started by drawing circles of different sizes on my embossed piece of cardstock, which is also my top piece. I found a roll of ribbon to be really useful for this task. The external  and internal circumferences are just perfect for this task.

2. Cut out drawn circles from the top cardstock. Using the top cardstock as a template, I traced the same circles onto another piece of cardstock, which is the bottom piece. This is where all the ribbons will be attached to).

3. Paint around each circle on the top cardstock if you would like additional color on your page. See the pencil marking in the circle? It’s there for me to know what color to outline each circle with. I also used a black pen to outline each circle after they were painted.

Fourever Circle Detail Small

4. Now for the fun bit. Select an assortment of ribbons that will complement your color scheme. I went with blues, purples and green for this one.

Fourever Circle Ribbons Detail Small

Attach your selected ribbons to the back of each circle. There are different ways to go about doing this.

Weave it.

 First, attach strips of 3/16″ ribbon vertically to the back cardstock using washi tape.

Fourever How 1 Small

Next, attach similar ribbons horizontally to the back cardstock using washi tape.

Fourever How 2 Small

Ensure that your ribbons cover the drawn circle completely. Starting on the right, weave the ribbons, alternating between vertical and horizontal all the way to the left. Ensure that ribbons lay flat and tight against each other for a tight weave.

Fourever Ribbon Weave Detail Small

Layer it. 

I layered two different color ric-rac to create this lookt:

Fourever How 3 Small

Fourever Ribbon Ricrac Detail Small

Knot it. 

Twine was knoted before adhering behind a circle. I did this on three seperate strands of twine before adhering them to the bottom cardstock:

Fourever Ribbon Knots Detail Small

Tape it.

Other ribbons were taped onto the back cardstock to cover each circle. I used ribbons of different widths, such as 3/8″ and 1/2″. Laces were also used for added texture. Once all circles are covered, the back cardstock will look like this:

Fourever How 4 Small

 5. Align top cardstock with the bottom cardstock and you will have the ribbons peeking out through the holes.

Fourever How 6 Small

 6. The page is completed after adding a photo and embellishments. Tadah! Your very own customised ribbon background.


Project #2: Ribbon Mobile

I love upcycling and creating home decor pieces using my supplies. On a rainy day, together with my kids, we came up with our very own ribbon mobile: 


Ribbon Mobile 1 Small


See the hoop around which I looped and knotted the 3/8″ ribbons to? That was made using a plastic ice-cream tub lid. I cut out the middle part of the lid, leaving only the rim to form the hoop.

Ribbon Mobile 2 small

 Paper flowers were die-cut using my sizzix machine and paired with paper leaves that were handcut. These were threaded onto bakers’ twine and attached to the hoop as well. I like how there isn’t really a need to ensure that all the ribbons and twine are of the same length. The differences in length add to the charm of this creation. Our ribbon mobile now hangs proudly in our study and the kids are thrilled to play below it, pretending that they are under a waterfall.

Ribbon Mobile 3 Small


Project #3: Cinnamon Bouquet

I love the smell of cinnamon. By tying a bunch of them together and embellishing it with rosettes and leaves, these make a quick and easy gift.

 Cinnamon Bouquet Small

These rosettes were created using 1/2″ ribbon seam binding. Satin ribbons will be a great option to make these rosettes with as well. 3/8″ brown and patterned ribbons were tied around the bunch of cinnamon sticks, before topping them with the bouquet.

Cinnamon Bouquet Detail

I love how fast it is to create these, making it easy for me to whip up a gift whenever needed. It would be lovely to pair these with essential oils as a present.

I had loads of fun using ribbons in these projects and am glad that I could challenge myself thanks to this call. Thank you May Arts for taking the time to consider my application. I can’t wait to read about your next Prima Ribbonista Team!

Being Brave with Clique Kits

Salutations! I’m happy you are here=) I am so, so delighted to be part of the pep rally today and can’t wait to share what I have created with the rest of my kit. In line with the challenge theme of “Be Brave”, here’s my take on the theme, as well as my humble attempt at creating with all the yumminess packed into the kit.

Being Brave #1: Create a predominently pink page

I am not a pink crafter. There. I’ve said it. Pink is one of those colors that I do not really mind, but an overdose of it makes me cringe. And that’s for a Mama with a little girl. So when I was browsing through the kit, I found various stuff that were in the said hue and found them to be really, really beautiful. So I took a deep breath and promised myself to do something I have not done before – scrap in pink.


Yup, loads of pink there and dare I say it – I’m a convert! Hello there candy floss pink! Hi parfait (great name for that background cardstock isn’t it?” This page is about my little girl’s love relationship with her blankie – her favorite toy. She goes places with it, courtesy of her imagination. By playing with words like “flight” and “soar”, elements like the aeroplane punch outs and wings are unified. My favorite aspect of this page? Those chevron arrows.


I cut out strips of the chevron paper and folded them for added dimension. These worked with the aeroplanes so perfectly and really added playfulness to the page too. The only thing I added here that was not part of the kit were those red dots. The rest like the gold camera, paper bag and journal cards were from my stash of Clique Kits goodies.

Being Brave #2: Conquer the World

Not in the literal sense, but in the content of my next page, “U & Me”. Image

This world map patterned paper is awesome! So beautiful that I think it should be framed as is. So when I first laid my eyes on it, I simply could not decide what to do with it. Cut it up? No way! Leave it as is? Come on! I need a challenge! Oh no! How??? My brainwave moment came when I decided that I should scrap a page about my kids being larger than the world and all that the world offers.

So I stuck on the picture of them sharing a kiss, googled for the phrase “I love You” in different languages and drew various weather elements to be included on the page. I’m not great with my drawing. So for some inspiration, I googled once again for cartoon sun, rain etc. and improvised. My biggest accomplishment – Miss Snowflake. Created from a glassine bag that was part of the packaging in my kit.

ImageElements on the page were unified by including some twine, which were attached to the page using washi tape and “anchored” by some punch out anchors. Aren’t those stinking anchors cute? So there. My kids, anchored in the world through their love for one another, ready to brave all weather and situations. Journalling on this page reads “In good times or in bad, through storms & sunny days, no matter where we are, Brother & Sister we will forever be!”

Being Brave #3: Try Something New

Having scrapped through most of my kit, I am left with odds and ends, bits and pieces by this point. There were some really lovely journal cards and I have been procrastinating for the longest time about jumping on the pocket style scrapbooking bandwagon. I do not own any pocket style page holder (yet), but what the hack, let’s just do it! So “Life 4 Me: SAHM” was birthed.

ImageI knew I wanted to chronicle all that go on in my daily life as a Stay At Home Mum. I knew that I wanted a pie chart on my page to symbolise the amount of time I have in a day. So, for this page, I started with creating that massive pie chart on the bottom left corner.


I gathered all the scrap bits of paper I had left from the kit, cut them into wedges and stuck them together to create this embellishment. See those words “This week’s itinerary”? I cut up one of the larger journalling cards to be included in this pie cart as well. Nothing gets wasted. The remaining parts of the pie chart were attached to the second page of this layout. I like that. Every bit of paper is used. Cool.

SAHM 1 Small

SAHM 2 Small

Some other aspects of using up all that were in my kit include the piece of cardstock that the flair buttons were attached to:

ImageThose sticky glue bits came off easily and my little girl was keen to scrap with me. So armed with her crayons, she doodled on the paper and I decided that it was representative of what I did everyone. So it made it’s way onto my layout. That little transparent bag with the shiny gold circle sticker was again part of the packaging (my Clique Kits, what great products you use in packing the kit too!) and I filled it with some gold heart sequins and anchors. There. Instant scrapbooking. All done with love,. Thanks Sage!

This crazy Mama who loves to use up packaging continued to do so with another glassine bag as a background:

ImageAnd with the “Thank You” Tag that Clique Kits sent with my kit:

ImageGiven that this section was to document how I get to create on some days, it would be great to remember the amount of fun I had as a guest designer for Clique Kits. So I cut out the paper label for “As You Wish” and Clique kits’ logo and used them as embellishments. Finally, that tag with the Hawaiian lady was too beautiful to ignore. So I left it as is, together with Gia’s great handwriting. So tahdah! Another bit of the layout created, this time courtesy of Clique Kits and Gia. Thanks ladies!

Phew! What a lonnnggg post! Almost at the end now. I’m glad I have been brave as I scrapped this month. Thank you once again you lovely ladies at Clique Kits for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to play with Field Trip. This chance has meant alot to me. Thank you lovely readers for popping by. You peeps are the best! I would love to hear you share in my comments about how you have been brave or how you love to use packaging when creating. Meanwhile, I am off to clear my scrapping desk and see if I can still squeeze something out of what is left of my kit. My, what awesomeness!

More Clique Kits Fun

I like working with a kit. It limits what I have on the table, and it challenges me to use up as much of the stuff as possible. I wanted to create a layout that was not all totally colorful, but something a little more graphic and to chronicle a really fun moment for Seth – his first taste of durians! For my uninitiated friends, durians is one of those fruits that you either love it, or hate it. This little boy was not even 1 year old when I decided the litmus test had to be conducted. The verdict? Well, have a look:

ImageSeth LOVES durians!!! After his first bite, he was practically pulling my hand towards his face, so that I could feed him more of the said fruit. He also started shouting, “Mummm, MUMMMM!!!!” He is definitely part of this durian loving family and the happiest member is my dad, who bought the little man some yumminess for his first birthday=)

A challenge I set for myself with this kit was to use the packaging found in the kit in my creations as well. I love how the box the journalling cards came in resembled a frame and created this with it.

Image After selecting the phrase card “Always look on the Bright Side”, I attached it to the cardboard back of the packaging box. I glued the plastic piece in place and cut some gold foil paper to form a frame round it. Add, some patterned paper banner, sequin hearts, hand-drawn sunnies and a brown paper bag (also from the kit’s packaging!) sun, it’s all done! Sage has staked claim over this one for her room. It will be a good reminder for me, before I yell at her for creating a mess in the room=)

If you are a fellow kit subscriber, I hope you are having fun with your kit. If you are passionate about creating, then I hope you have some fun today with some packaging!!! Cheers!

Clique Kits Student of the Month – May

Clique Kits Logo

I am totally thrilled and privileged to be selected as Clique Kits’ Student of the Month for May!!!
Thank you ladies for this opportunity and I must say that “Field Trip”, the kit for this month, is totally right up my alley!

Field Trip Kit

Though thematically this kit is about travels and we do have loads of travelling to document, I decided to create a few pages about exploration in a different sense of the word. Here’s “Wheeeelz”, a page about Sage’s success with cycling. She has been learning under the Significant Other’s patient guidance and she finally figured out how to pedal.

Wheeeelz Small

After placing all the embellishments on this page, and I must say those  Fancy Pants cards are such fun to create with, I was thinking of a way to tie everything together. I wanted to have an element revoloving round Sage’s bike and short of getting her to cycle over the page, I was at a lost. My brainwave moment came while playing with the kids (of course). Lego, I love you! Grabbed one of those wheels pieces, inked a wheel black and “cycled” around the page. No rights or wrongs there. Just have fun and I was thrilled at the effect this created. Yes!

One of my favorite item in this kit? The gold foil paper. So much potential! I am a traditional sizzix gal without a Silhouette, so what I did was to die cut the letters that spelled “gold” three times and layered them to give it dimension. Seth scored a page here, aptly titled, “Stay Gold”. Love the shine the foil gives and the effect of pairing gold with the woodgrain patterned paper is something I was very happy with.

Stay Gold Small Love your smile my boy, and always remember, stay true, be yourself and stay gold! That roll of green chevron washi tape was helpful in giving this page a pop of color and focus. So happy with this one. When one cannot decide which side of a patterned paper to use, I say cut a part of it, flip it around and use it as a strip on the side! Problem solved.

Finally, using scraps from creating “Stay Gold”, I decided a pop-up card was in order. So “Chin Up” was made, with a cheerful orange background, totally needed to bring a smile to it’s recipient.

Chin Up Card Small

I like how the guess work is minimised when I use similar embellishments and scraps from creating a page for a card. I stretch the potential of my supplies, reduced wastage and save time in the process. A little trick used on this card was to coat my yellow twine with glue and once it dried, the twine could easily be shaped in whatever fashion I desired.

For the inside, I continued with the idea of arrows and handcut the pop-up element:

Chin Up Card Insert Small

I am in the midst of having more fun with my kit, so stay tuned for a few more creations, have a browse on Clique Kits’ blog and join in the fun too!

All Grown Up

These days, the luxury of being able to scrap is a pleasure I totally devour. I love how cutting and pasting gives me the space to reflect and slow down, to consider how I live, to be grateful for all that we have. This recent layout celebrates Sage. My little girl is all grown up now, going to school eeryday and loving every moment of it. In fact, it seems to be a torture for her when we tell her that it’s the weekend or the school hols! I was the one who had to learn to let go when we made the decision to send her to nursery, instead of schooling her myself. She totally thrives on social interaction and all the fun she has with her friends in school does so much good for her.

Grow Layout Small

This layout is a reminder for her and for us what we desire for her to learn and aspects to grow in. I particularly loved this exercise, which made me reflect why she is there, instead of it being merely a rite of passage. I also had fun creating those tassels in the top left hand corner. Love making my own embellishments and that was loads of fun.

My dear Sage, keep growing, love those around, think and bless those around you. We are so proud of you.

Our Appointed Blessing

While getting my crafty supplies sorted and organising my pages, it was evident that I need to get the little one’s album started. The older sister’s pics have been getting scrapped, so here’s one about his birth.


Another of his smiles. Seeing him smile never fails to put one on my face as well. it’s amazing how he gives me his 100% attention and that gaze and grin is so, so adorable.


Thank you Lord for this little man!

Wow! Check This Out!

I have been missing all things Down Under. Freinds, weather, green open spaces, being able to drive, personable librarians and local scrapbook magazine. So, it totally made my day, when I found out that hey, Scrapbooking Memories has decided to digitise some of their past issues – some of them are those when I was a Masters! How cool is that! I am so going to get the issue which has my article in it on Super Supple Supplies – stectching the potential of my scrapping supplies without breaking the bank. At AUD$1.95 an issue, I think it’s a good deal. Check it out with me, won’t you? Do download the freebie digital mag too, to get some free inspiration. =)

Always Happy!

I have been on a roll scrapping and can’t get enough of Jillibean soup’s cold avocado soup. What a fun collection to create with. My favourite pic of the kids presently, where they are laughing so joyfully together. Oh happy day! Image

I love the light bulbs on the paper that I had fun cutting and layering and see those circles on the bottom? Like the effect created just by punching a straight line of small holes through them. Cost free embellishment. Now that is a good thing=)